Similar to steroids but not quite the same, SARMs – Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators – work by binding androgen receptors together to trigger changes in your DNA. This encourages your muscles to grow and increases the chances of good results. Steroids are different as they are “blunt”, impacting other parts of the body and causing damage and harm, where SARMs are tissue-selective, targeting your muscles and only your muscles. You don’t inject SARMs; they come in liquid or capsule form and are therefore easier to take. So, is there any real downside to SARMs? They’re not yet approved for regular human consumption.

The search for SARMs have steadily increased in the past few years, and while there is no way to know the number of people who are currently using them, they are a new product to the market and offer amazing benefits to the performance of the user. The benefits of using SARMs completely outweigh the documented risks of injecting steroids, so it helps to learn everything that you can about SARMs before you go ahead and buy some for yourself.

The thing is, SARMs are still in their infancy. There is a lot about them that most people don’t understand, which is why research into SARMs is so important. An informed choice about what you put into your body is the best option you have for your health. Let’s dive in.

What Are SARMs?

So, we’ve touched on what they are already, but in terms of enhancing your performance, they’re a newbie to the market. Those who take SARMs have fewer goals for packing on muscle compared to those who regularly inject steroids. It’s still a goal, but the pace is usually slower and they are used mostly to combat the natural muscle decline you face in life as you age. They may also work to keep the bones dense and prevent osteoarthritis. Some people mistake SARMs for steroids, but their popularity isn’t for the same reason. They’re an alternative that athletes like to use instead of taking legal steroids on the market.

How Do They Work?

SARMs work to promote a rise in the chemicals in your cells that work to activate the androgen receptors. These receptors ensure that your body can respond to certain hormones that are needed for muscle growth – with testosterone as an example. They should be taken responsibly, as with any substance in the body and they should be carefully cycled to ensure that the body can even itself out when necessary. You need balance with every supplement, not just SARMs.

Are SARMs Safe to Use?

The big questions: Are they safe? Well, there is currently not enough official medical research conducted to say that they are safe for EVERYONE to use, but this is usually with the long-term effects in mind. SARMS haven’t been on the market long enough to wrap up those studies. The good news is that the current studies for SARMs show that they are better than steroids, and you must do your research on the SARMs products available – only use a reputable brand and source when you shop.

SARMs Benefits

Below, we’ve collected all of the benefits that you need to know about before you go ahead and use SARMs. Let’s take a look!

Prevention of Muscle Atrophy

SARMs are there to regulate muscle wastage and can effectively undo the effects of atrophy. Those who are dealing with muscle atrophy may regain mass after using SARMs as part of their routine. The gain is in lean mass and not fat, which makes it an attractive option for those dealing with wastage.

Bone Healing Properties

As they help muscle atrophy, SARMs are known to help bones to heal quickly and efficiently, too. Did you know that they were initially developed and tested against tumors? There is evidence to suggest that SARMs have been tested for metabolic disorders and their impact, and it was in this research that SARMs showed to have a positive impact on skeletal health. Those dealing with brittle bones often fracture easily and have little range of motion, but SARMs can help those symptoms.

Gaining Muscle Mass

The human body takes time to build muscle mass. Genetics, nutrition, and lifestyle all contribute to the way our bodies grow muscle. Steroids can help to build bulk, but this may not be lean mass as opposed to SARMs, which can help you to gain lean muscle mass. Anyone wanting to add to their body mass in lean muscle should use SARMs.

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