If you have been training for a while or are a fitness enthusiast, you understand that SARMs have been a trending topic. Since this is a new product in the market, there are many questions about it, especially how it works compared to steroids.

Here, we take a look at what SARMs are and how they work.

SARMs are Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators, a type of research chemical stumbled upon during a drug development trial for prostate cancer. While this discovery was determined not to be useful against prostate cancer, it was found to have other benefits. SARMs were found to have a significant impact on muscle growth and fat loss.

How SARMs work

SARMS stimulates muscle growth by selectively binding with androgen receptors or male hormone receptors and impacting protein synthesis. This makes them suitable as performance enhancers for bodybuilders and fitness lovers who want to increase muscle mass, lose fat, or last longer during their workouts. They equally work great for those who want to bounce back from injuries or prevent muscle wastage as they workout.

What is the difference between SARMs and Steroids?

The primary difference between SARMs and steroids is in how they bind to their biological targets. On the one hand, SARMs are highly selective compounds that only bind to androgen receptors at the right cellular levels. On the other hand, steroids are less selective and will bind to more biological targets without any restrictions.

Because of the selective nature of SARMs, they are safer as they have fewer side effects than steroids. This is because they target specific muscles and tissues without setting off the chain of reaction as steroids do. Therefore, while steroids impact the entire body, SARMs will not have similar impacts, for example:

  • While men who use steroids may develop breasts and women lose their femininity, SARMs will not have such effects.
  • Some steroids are linked to an increased risk of some cancers, but SARMs have been proven to be safer.
  • Since SARMs focus on improving bone and muscle health, it helps users gain muscles much faster than steroids.

Another difference between SARMs and steroids is that SERMs are compounds while steroids are synthetic hormones. For this reason, steroids have a testosterone-like impact on the body that brings about hormonal changes that lead to undesirable physical changes. These can include shrunken or swollen genitalia, hair loss, and enlarged prostate gland, among other side effects. SERMs do not cause these problems as it has few targets in the body, a defining characteristic that makes it hold lots of promises for fitness enthusiasts.


SARMs have introduced a whole new way for the fitness community to gain mass and enhance their performance without the negative effects of steroids. Instead of raising the overall testosterone levels in your body, this compound works by activating androgen receptors in specific types of tissues. In the end, it provides users with the desired results without the long term effects of using steroids.

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